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Oil Discovered in East Texas. C.M. "Dad" Joiner, the thin man, shakes hands with his geologist, A.D. "Doc" Lloyd, after the historical Daisy Bradford #3 is brought in. Looking on in the straw hat with cigar in his mouth is the then broke H.L. Hunt (3rd from the left). Shortly Hunt bought Joiner's properties and was thereafter definitely not broke. Daisy was brought in on October 3, 1930. Chaos reigned parts of East Texas for the next four years. (from Oil, a handbook for reference, a study of Lloyd Oil Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas; 1931.)
Bank Run on New York's Seaman's Savings in 1857. Since the development of modern financial markets in the 17th-century, financial distress, crisis, and panic have plagued those invested in and dependent on the markets. Gee, thank goodness we have the FDIC. I bet some of these bank customers don't think gold is a barbarous relic. ( Harper's Magazine 1857, LOC reproduction)